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Filling lines
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Find out more Aerozole
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We would like to present our new product in our portfolio:

In this section we present you with equipment for PET plastic aerosols containers. This technology uses instead of aluminum or steel cans - a plastic container and an external crimp valve or external crimp BOV.

PET aerosol is suitable for a wide range of aerosol applications such as:

1. Personal care – shaving gels & foams, hair care, body moisturizers, kids products
2. Home care – air fresheners, cleaning applications, insecticides
3. Food (oils, cooking mists, creams and sauces)
4. Industrial applications
5. Travel kits

Advantages of PET aerosols:

1. Rust free
2. Low inventory costs
3. Flexible lead times
4. Printing, sleeving or labelling decoration options
5. Soft and warm texture and touch
6. Low carbon footprint

Devices are equipped with an appropriate amount of operating heads depending on the production capacity::

- capacity up to 120 pcs/min - amount of operating heads - 6
- capacity up to 180 pcs/min - amount of operating heads - 9
- capacity up to 250 pcs/min - amount of operating heads - 12

In ZIGLER’s offer you will find a semiautomatic - tabletop machines same as a whole set of equipment necessary to equip the production line to add PET - option to the production. Below we present our semi-automatic PET crimping machine. One machine is suitable both for standard „dip-tube” valve and PET-BOV.

I. Main features:

- On column and base plate
- Easy hand wheel adjustment

II. Operational parameters:

- Production capacity: 600 pcs/h (10 containers/min.) - The maximum capacity of the device is dependent on work organization
- Containers diameter: φ 35 mm ÷ φ66 mm
- Containers height:: 40 mm ÷ 320 mm

III. Dimensions and weight:

- Width: 400 мм
- Length: 635 мм
- Height: 865 мм (max 930 мм)
- Weight: 78 kg

IV. Supply:

- Type of supply: Electric and pneumatic
- Air supply pressure: 0.8 ÷ 1.2  MPa (8 ÷ 12 bar)
- Air consumption: 5 litres/cycle
- Quality of compressed air: 4th class (according to ISO 8573-1 ) for temperature range 15 ÷ 35°C
- Supply voltage: 230V, 50Hz
- Power: 130W

Due to the increasing demand of the aerosol production market, we present the Laboratory aerosol filling system

Areas of application for the system:

1. Professional aerosol laboratory
2. Performing trial parties of aerosol products
3. Aerosol production in a small scale (capacity around 500 pcs/h)
4. Aerosol production requiring fast and frequent changing of a product type

System equipment:

1. Stainless steel table with an integrated pneumatic control for all working modules;
2. Product filling module;
3. Aerosol valves crimping module;;
4. Gas filling module;
5. Product pump;
6. Gas (propellant) pump;
7. Built-in propellant filter (40 μm);
8. Connection lead for the product;
9. Connection lead for gas;
10. Aerosol valve crimp controlling device;
11. Aerosol can pressure controlling device;
12. Laboratory glass probe

For additional equipment of the production department or aerosol laboratory we can offer:

- Gas detection system for production room
- Ventilation system integrated with gas detection system
- Compressed air supply system (installation + compressor)

Systems mentioned above are priced individually after discussing all technical details and Customer's requirements..

Operational parameters:

Production capacity: 500 ÷ 700 pcs/h (8 ÷ 11 pcs/min.) Effective capacity depends on production organization and operators experience
Range of dosage: Depending on order (30 – 400 ml)
Crimping type: Standard or vacuum (additional option)
Dosage tolerance: +/- 2%

Dimensions and weight:

Width: 2210m
Length: 905mm
Height: 1935 (+/- 25mm regulation)
Mass: 450kg


Air supply pressure: 0,8/1,0 MPa (8/10bar)
Air consumption (for capacity 500 pcs/h): I. 6,6 m3/h – for 20% of max product and gas dosage
                                                                         II. 10,4 m3/h – or 50% of max product and gas dosage
                                                                         III. 20,4 m3/h – for 100% of max product and gas dosage
Compressed air quality: CLASS IV according to ISO 8573-1 for 15 ÷ 35°C




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